Premises in Jenec

warehouse hall - 2815m2

warehouse premises - 914m2, 1086m2

offices - from 29m2

coolers - from 38m2

freezers - from 35,5m2 (size quoted without fore-coolers)


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Currently free apartments and commercial premises in Prague and Brno

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The Logistic and Distribution Center in Jenec was opened on 20. 4. 1998 by the company Garden Centrum Jeneč.

The dominating idea for this site was to built a state-of-the-art wholesale market place designed to correspond to the newest knowledge about food-stuff  and its optimal storage, transport and sale. Among the first lessees there were well-known companies trading fruits and vegetables, meat and sausages, flowers, decoration etc.

The principal engineering company was Studio AM, the principal building contractor Vodní stavby Bohemia, divize 8 (now Hochtief AG). The computer system was developped by Aplica, the cooling equipment was supplied by Hauser. The technical background is ensured by own transformer sub-station, gas and water distribution, digital telephone net and internet.

The warehouse complex is dominated by two big warehouse halls with arch roofs made of wooden glued truss, in which there are the main warehouse premises surrounded by coolers, freezers and offices upstairs. In between the two halls there is a spacious service yard, as well the side platforms along the halls, for easy access of cars, lorrys and trucks directly to individual warehouses, coolers and freezers and for comfortable and quick manipulation with delivered or dispatched goods. The prompt storage of delivered goods from a vehicle directly to a cooler or a freezer and vice versa thus eliminates any thermal shock of goods in transfer. The technical system of both halls is attached to a computer system that regulates the air-conditioning, cooling and freezind in individual boxes, heating and recuperation of the heat. Spacious parking area in front of both halls offers sufficient space for all employees of the companies seated here as well as for their clients. The whole complex is fenced, monitored by new camera system. The entrance is secured by electronic doorbells and chip-cards, accessible 24 hours/day.

The whole complex is fenced, monitored by new camera system. The entrance is secured by electronic doorbells and chip-cards.

It is perfectly situated in the western fringe of Prague, close to Ruzyne International Airport and in just round the corner to the R6 highway which makes it easily accessible to all main routes in Czech.

In 2003 the whole warehouse complex was purchased by BraFil a.s. with the purpose to develop current warehousing possibilities in Jenec and expand the business activities into property ownership and management. Since then there are new storage areas in Jenec logistic complex and a construction of a few new coolers, freezers, individual warehouses and offices is being planned.

In total there are currently in Jenec Logistic and Distribution center the following premises:

2 individual warehouses with the total area of  4.000 m2
1 individual warehouses with the total area of  400 m2
20 coolers with the total area of  1.459 m2
6 freezers with the total area of  139 m2
9 individual dry warehouses with the total area of   691 m2
40 offices with the total area of  1.160 m2
1 commercial premise with the total area of  130 m2


Furthermore, BraFil a.s. is also the owner of several other residential real properties in Prague, Brno and Ostrava with apartments and commercial premises performing own property management and lease contracts.